The crossroads between Care and Training is a subject in full development in the human and social sciences today. The work and research supported by CERAP highlights both the interweaving between educational and social practices in the field of the Sensible and their consequences in relationship with our self and Health, but allso the conceptual and epistemological implications that such practices require, from the point of view of the caregiver or accompanying person, but also from the point of view of the person being accompanied. Such practices will reveal a signifiant transformation of the relation to oneself  and of the relationship with the world, the outlines of with shall be necessary to clarify.

Perceptual Education and its Impacts on Anxiety and Self-Esteem

The reflection we wish to engage here concern the role of the body in  the relationship that exist between anxiety and the self-esteem, to be able to envisage new way of offering support to anxiety...
Valérie Bouchet
Anne Lieutaud

Learning to Be a Sensitive Professional

This article from Josée Lachance, Geneviève Emond, and Florence Vinit, focuses on the bodily engagement of professionals in the context of formative adult education. It examines how the body can be...
Josée Lachance

Self-Transformations of health Professionnals

Health does not arise from health care. Perhaps we are facing an impasse and should we reconsider and reconceptualize the mandate of the health system. In order to improve our influence on the...
Josée Lachance

transformations in the Relationship with the body in physicians

We are presenting below two documents related to doctoral research done by Joséee Lachance : an article published in 2016 in the journal " Cercle interdisciplinaire de recherches...
Josée Lachance
Pierre Paillé

Clinical nurse practice and obesity Study

This research conducted in the field of social sciences applied to psychology at University Fernando Pessoa, addresses obese person care. First of all, a literature review offers a state
Isabelle Bertrand

The caring and training dimension in perceptual pedagogy

My research covers the links between the healing dimension and the educational dimension when accompanying a person in perceptual psychoeducation. Nowadays the concept of care gets an enlarged...
Doris cencig

International publication: somato-psychopedagogy and obesity - first synthesis

We are pleased to share with you an internationally published study titled “Obesity Open Access”. This document was written by Isabelle Bertrand as one of the components of her doctoral...
Isabelle Bertrand
Danis Bois