The themes of lifelong learning, change and life transitions are central to the issues raised in our current times and societies. The interest of the CERAP lies in studying the processes of growth - or even transformation -, the potentialities involved and the development of new human faculties that are linked to the Arts and Practices of the Sensible based on a Sensible perception. You will find some of this research here.

Emotion as a support for sensitivity

My research is about the emotional dimension and affectivity experienced in perceptual pedagogy as theorized within the paradigm of Somatic awareness. Today, emotions and affectivity are increasingly...
Jean Humpich

The Impact of Perceptual Psychoeducation on Self-Esteem

This research investigates the effects of Perceptual Psychoeducation on self-esteem and attempts to answer the following question : « To which extent and how does Perceptual Psychoeducation...
Valérie Bouchet

Perceptual Education and Professional Transition

The research, from the perspective of a researcher-practitioner, investigates the benefits of a support system using perceptual psychoeducation on a population undergoing professional transition...
Hélène Marchand

The Relationship to the Body and the Creation of Sense

This dissertation aims to provide new avenues for understanding the links between bodily experiencing and the creation of sense and meaning in the field of adult education. This study locates a...
Eve Berger