Within this field we present published applied research projects in the field of art, which highlight the role of the Sensible (Bois 2007) as a way to access total body expressivity on the basis of a relational mode combining empathy, inter-subjectivity and actuative reciprocity. This concerns all froms of arts concerned by the question : how to make visible what is invisible and how to share it ? This question is addressed from the perspective of closeness with the body.

From the human voice to the human in the voice

This theoretical and practical investigation, presented for the PHD in Performing Arts, reflects upon the building and maintenance of the lyrical voice, viewed from the experience of a singer,...
Lucia Lemos

The touch and the difference

This study analyses the place of the sensitive body within the training of contemporary performers in the light of the concepts of touch and difference. The investigation consequently started with...
Luca Aprea