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Le CERAP est à l'initiative ou participe à la publication d'ouvrages scientifiques collectifs autour de la thématique du Sensible :

Les travaux scientifiques du laboratoire sont également publiés dans des revues scientifiques externes




Perceptual Education and its Impacts on Anxiety and Self-Esteem

The reflection we wish to engage here concern the role of the body in  the relationship that exist between anxiety and the self-esteem, to be able to envisage new way of offering support to anxiety...
Valérie Bouchet
Anne Lieutaud

Self Transformation of Health professional in the field as a mean to induce a shift in the mandate of the health System

Health does not arise from health care. Perhaps we are facing an impasse and should we reconsider and reconceptualize the mandate of the health system. In order to improve our influence on the...
Josée Lachance

The other within

The theme of this communication requires the prevailing mindset on the dimensions of alterity and reciprocity to undergo somewhat of a shift.
Danis Bois

Vascular Fasciatherapy Danis Bois Method

Background: A first study on vascular fasciatherapy enabled us to observe the turning of a turbulent blood flow into a laminar one, and a questioning on the process involved in this transformation
Bernard Payrau
Nadine Quéré
Danis Bois

The touch and the difference

This study analyses the place of the sensitive body within the training of contemporary performers in the light of the concepts of touch and difference. The investigation consequently started with...
Luca Aprea

International publication: somato-psychopedagogy and obesity - first synthesis

We are pleased to share with you an internationally published study titled “Obesity Open Access”. This document was written by Isabelle Bertrand as one of the components of her doctoral...
Isabelle Bertrand
Danis Bois