Self Transformation of Health professional in the field as a mean to induce a shift in the mandate of the health System

The International Journal of Whole Person Care
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Josée Lachance - Praticienne et formatrice en Somato-psychopédagogie, Docteure en sciences de l'éducation de l'Université de Sherbrooke

Health does not arise from health care. Perhaps we are facing an impasse and should we reconsider and reconceptualize the mandate of the health system. In order to improve our influence on the culture that often prevails in our institutions as well as the health of those institutions. This article examines the changes to the mandate of the health system seen in the light of self-transformations. This vision is based on a model that illustrates the transformations experienced by physicians following a mind-body training, i.e. Awakening the Sensible Being (ASB).

The model shows the transformation process reported by physicians, after experiencing self-awareness of what they are doing, through experiencing the ASB, while developing a closer relationship with themselves. As it turned out, the training was beneficial for their health. Their expanded sense of self-awareness and quality of "savoir-être" brought on by the training contributes to their impression of "feeling whole" and provides them with a quality of presence that influences the type of care they can provide to their patients by considering the individual as a whole.

This point of view could bring about a shift in the mandate of the health system and improve the health of caregivers and care-receivers as well, while contributing to widen the concept of health.

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Josée Lachance