This page presents research articles and projects that contribute to :

* Defining the various levels of body experiencing in the processes of body awareness and learning (body as subject, Sensible body and reflexivity)

* Establishing links between the notions of existential path and body awareness processes; studying body-centred autobiographical narratives

* Exploring the notions of perceptual health in relation to body awareness processes, life paths, personal narratives and life stories, especially in connection with the challenge of illness, personal development paths and individual or plural search for meaning

The biographical body and the imaginary

Published in the Journal "La Recherche en Education" (ISSN 1647-0117) : The Journal of the International Francophone Association for scientific research in Education. N º 14 (2015), pp. 23-31
Andrisa Zanella

"To move" as a support of sensibility

My research is about the emotional dimension and affectivity experienced in perceptual pedagogy as theorized within the paradigm of Somatic awareness.1 Today, emotions and affectivity are...
Jean Humpich