On the epistemological and methodological level, the CERAP favours self-study of practice (we borrow the term from Pinnegar & Hamilton, 2009) research as well as various qualitative and comprehensive approaches. This is achieved without excluding quantitative or experimental methods when they are appropriate for certain research based objectives, particularly in the area of evaluation and validation of healthcare practices.
The most frequently used approach is that of practitioner-researcher of the Sensible. This approach includes repeated cycles of evaluation and adjustment as we study the concepts of ‘distant closeness’ and ‘active neutrality’ using a specific research methodology that we call anticipation/emergence research method.
We are currently researching other new approaches aimed at bringing together qualitative and quantitative methodologies with a view to expanding the scope of our understanding of human nature.

On the experience of paradigm shift amongst researchers

This dissertation studies how researchers experience paradigmatic shift processes, from the perspective of subjective experience, to address the following questions: « What does the lived experience...
Anne Lieutaud