Virtual Word Congrès of Transdisciplinarity

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Margarita Zuber - Master en psychopédagogie de la perception, somato-psychopédagogue, animatrice formatrice

We are pleased to announce Margarita de Vivero Zuber’s presence at the Third World Congress of Transdisciplinarity, online.

She has been invited as a Panellist to participate in two symposiums organized around the topics : Transdisciplinary Aspects of Art (by Cristian Ungureanu, Romania) and What World for Tomorrow can we Imagine in the Light of the Coronavirus pandemy? (by Basarab Nicolescu and Florent Pasquier, France).

January 22, 2021 :   "Art, Pedagogy and Perception of the Sensitive" and July 23, 2021 : "In World as it Re-emerges, Will the Sensitive Body Recover its Rights?" 

Margarita Zuber